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Joanie Dodds is a well respected personal organizer, licensed contractor, and television host. 

Since 2003, Joanie has been specializing in residential and commercial organization. Her notable skill in conceptual organizational design has left many of her clients speechless and earned her a reputation as one of Los Angeles premiere personal organizers. 

Born and raised near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Joanie has always had an affinity for the elements of comfort, a well kept home, and old fashion methods of home making. Joanie attended the University of Findlay, Ohio, where she started her love affair with organizing.

Her nurturing attitude has gained the trust of many a client.
She truly understands how to organize in a caring way.

Joanie began her career as a model, but has always had the passion for organization in her soul.  A virgo with an eye for style and symmetry, she started organizing and decorating the homes on the historic south side of Findlay, Ohio, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, while maintaining her model status.

In 2006, she moved to Los Angeles, where the business has grown into the company it is today.  She has even worked for clients like Charlie Sheen.

Joanie's passion for organization is reflected in the beautiful surroundings that she creates. Her ability to collaborate with interior designers, contractors, and her clients needs have earned Joanie a well deserved reputation as a true professional.

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